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Is your marriage or relationship at a crossroads?

In every relationship, it is normal that couples have disagreements. There is a wide range of reasons why there are issues in a relationship. Things that can challenge a relationship include the feeling of being threatened, chronic arguing, one partner always pointing out the negative, moodiness, abusiveness, sexual concerns, or infidelity, to name a few. However, when anger, unhappiness, or troubling behavior become the norm in the relationship, it is time to seek therapy. At POSS, therapy sessions are led by skilled, dedicated mental health professionals who provide individualized strategies that address challenges that threaten the relationship.

Research shows that untreated relationship issues can result in feelings of being emotionally drained, unhappiness, chronic stress, hypertension, heart problems, weakening of the immune system, and even obesity. Marital counselling or couples therapy offers many proven strategies for relationship repair and can work for many couples. At POSS we offer evidence-based strategies that are tailored to meeting the needs of each unique couple. Some of the common goals we are proud to accomplish during our therapy sessions include improved communication, greater trust, better understanding of one another’s needs, and improved conflict resolution skills.