Adult Psychotherapy

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Are you feeling depleted, disappointed, and at times overburdened with day to day stressors?

At POSS, talk therapy with a mental health therapist can address many issues with adults including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, conflict resolution professional issues, chronic mental health issues, and parenting issues.

At the beginning of treatment, a clinical evaluation is conducted which guides the development of an individualized treatment plan. Through such an assessment, the therapist will learn about a client’s current problems, related history, relationships, and personal strengths.

POSS therapists recognize the uniqueness of each individual and therefore tailor treatment accordingly while placing emphasis on the therapeutic relationship and striving to create a healing environment. Our views of therapy are one that is a guided discovery in which clients examine issues, gain new perspectives, and develop and practice coping skills.

Adult psychotherapy sessions focus on prioritizing empathy, collaboration, and goal-orientation while helping people identify and change ineffective patterns of thinking, to live a more satisfying life. Cognitive-behavioral,  psychodynamic/insight-oriented, and interpersonal therapy techniques are some of the approaches we use to facilitate personal growth and treat an array of issues.