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Comprehensive assessments and evaluations service to guide appropriate interventions and treatment planning.

POSS clinicians conduct several assessment and specialty evaluation services for children and adults. These include psychological, psychosexual, substance abuse evaluations, psychoeducational, and diagnostic evaluations for children suspected of having autism. Reports usually include a comprehensive review of:

  • Developmental, medical, familial, and educational histories
  • School reports and any other pertinent evaluations or information
  • Behavioral Observations
  • Assessment Findings
  • Summary
  • Diagnostic Impressions utilizing the DSM-5
  • Recommendations

Psychological Evaluation

Psychological evaluations are conducted by POSS psychologists specifically to access the mental health of a client. This process may involve the documentation of the client’s personal history, medical history, or family history of mental illness, and the observation of the client’s behavior and personality.

Psychosexual Evaluation

A Psychosexual Evaluation focuses on a child’s or adolescent’s psychological and sexual beliefs. During this evaluation, our clinicians examine the individual’s sexual interests, attitudes, and behaviors to see if there are deviancy issues. They also evaluate the child’s or adolescent’s risk for re-offending or acting out sexually in the future.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

Substance abuse evaluations are offered to both children and adults. These evaluations are used to build an effective treatment plan that is tailored to meet individual needs. By assessing the history of substance use and addiction treatment, as well as other factors, POSS offers the best possible chance of recovery.

At POSS, we provide a comprehensive substance abuse evaluation that:

  • Determines the presence of a drug or alcohol addiction
  • Assesses the extent or level of addiction
  • Determines if there are any co-occuring conditions, , including any physical or mental health concerns
  • Assesses how substance use affects your life
  • Allows for appropriate treatment planning for needs and recovery

Psychoeducational Evaluations

What is a psychoeducational evaluation?

A psycho-educational evaluation determines if your child has a learning disability or other issues that adversely impact his or her ability to learn. This type of evaluation assesses your child’s cognitive functioning, academic achievement levels, information processing abilities, and general emotional and behavioral issues. These evaluations usually measure emotional/behavioral functioning and their impact on your child’s academic performance.

Psycho-educational Evaluation method generally includes (but is not limited to):

  • Specialized battery of testing instruments, like:

◌ The WISC-Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (for cognitive abilities)
◌ The Woodcock-Johnson Test of Achievement (for academic levels)

  • Tests of information processing abilities (visual-motor integration, phonological processing, etc.)
  • Tests related to general emotional and personality functioning
  • Interviews with the child
  • Interviews with parents and other relevant people
  • Review of relevant records